Rome, Italy

i didn’t quite know what to expect from rome.  a romantic at heart, paris has always been my city.  but i love rome too, in a different way.  it has a softness about it.  i am attracted to the warm colours of its buildings, especially in the evening when the golden rays of setting sun reflect off the ochre and cafe-au-lait coloured walls.  it has a more mediterranean feel about it.  the pink clouds in the evening were like big wads of cotton candy, i couldn’t help but just stare unabashedly at them from the bus window as i travelled from the city every evening.  the italian people were wonderful!  i was constantly getting lost (which i really don’t mind) but one evening i was REALLY lost, in the dark,  outside of rome, without a map.  some kind man on the bus offered to get off the bus with me and take me to another one.  when he got off, he  “assigned” someone else on another bus to help me find the right neighbourhood (they accepted!)

the coffee was always perfect and the tiramisu, well what can i say…


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