vancouver street photographer – foncie pulice

foncie pulice began his career as an assistant to street photographer Joe Iaci in 1934.  after serving in world war II, pulice began working independently, using this camera made of war surplus materials.

“When I started back in 1934,” Foncie recalled in that interview, “there were six companies in Vancouver, but when we really started to go was during the war. The public couldn’t get film, you see, so the street photographers were all they had. Servicemen would come home on leave, they’d have pictures taken. Families would get together, we’d take their picture. At one time, I was taking 4,000 to 5,000 pictures every day.”

this particular street photographer interests me because, well, without his camera, i would not have the only photograph of my great-grandmother.  she is walking on granville street between georgia & robson with castle hotel & chanticleer lunch signs.  it is possibly in the early 1940’s.

below are 3 family pics, my parents, my mother and her sister and my great-grandmother.  the original numbers (written in pencil) are till on the back.

an example of his annotations:

you can see a couple of shots of his unusual camera here:

a nice write-up about foncie here: