me and my budge…

when i wake up in the morning, i wonder to myself “what little surprise will this day will bring”?   sometimes, disappointingly, there are no surprises.  but some days, something happens to make your heart sing!

miss pickles has been a little “clingy” of late, due to the fact that my cockatiel of 29 years had recently died.  she would follow me every time i left the room, afraid that i wouldn’t be coming back. slowly she is beginning to trust that i just keep popping back in again.

this evening, i was admiring the reflection of the sunset off of the red brick building across the street.  while i was washing my hands, she flew into my hands and started to bathe under the tap! i reduced the flow of water and cupped my hands to make a little pool.  she snuggled into the curve of my palms and started flapping water under her wings!  (did you know that freshly-bathed budgies smell like wet dogs!)

this evening i was quietly reading in another room when she must have awoken suddenly and realizing i wasn’t around, started tearing around the apartment looking for me!  when we finally met (budgie to forehead) i soothed her and put her on my hand and walked to the bedroom window.  we just stood there and watched the neighbourhood birds.  first came the crow family.  a couple of them were sitting on the wire outside my window cawing with each other and with their family down the alley. (they got pretty close and miss pickles well, you know, let one drop).

then we watched the starlings and robins flying over the rooftops to the neighbouring trees.  the light wind coming in through the window smelled so refreshing.  i could smell the perfume of the lilacs carried on the evening breeze.  there is a tree just a few metres from my bedroom window.   lilacs are one of my favourite flowers and their perfume is most exquisite at dusk.

miss pic is here with me, watching me as i write this.  sometimes, when she’s feeling a little neglected, she flies to my monitor and “stares me down”!  she’s doing “the staring thing” right now so i guess it’s a good time to finish.  bonne nuit!