Agrippine the baby hedgehog (un petit hérisson)

i first met esther delisle last year on the street here in montreal.   i was intrigued by the colour of her dog’s bright blue eyes.  Esther is an animal-assisted therapist or zootherapiste and has a delightful menagerie of pets that assist her in her work.  this blog is all about hedgehogs.

until recently i had no idea what a hedgehog was.  after a bit of research i have discovered that they make wonderful pets (don’t chew on furniture, climb curtains and love to cuddle and purr when they’re happy).  although they are covered in spines, their little white tummies are extremely soft and are covered with short, white hair.  when frightened they roll up into a tight ball.  they are quiet and gentle and will bond with their owner for life.  apparently they make great travellers! (my wish list:  weiner dog, moluccan cockatoo and a hedgehog!).  i would love to go back and visit esther and agrippine again!