mini exhibition & contest

this was so much fun!  i really enjoyed receiving your emails and pictures – there were so many interesting and wonderful shots that actually choosing just three was quite a challenge.

i will list the 3 winners first and then you can scroll down and see more of the pictures i received because they are really worth sharing.  the three winners will receive a one-hour photoshoot!!  ok everyone, here it goes:

street photography – winner #1


taken by nelly from montreal.  she calls this image “at rest”.  i love the composition of this image, one feels irresistibly drawn to the subject, a fellow passenger in repose.  it reminds me of a painting.  street photography is one of the hardest forms of photography because you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, virtually shoot the image in your mind and then be ready to capture with your camera.

travel photography – winner #2


this image was submitted by didier from montreal. incorporating street photography into your travel photography is important because it enables you to capture the soul and colour of those places you visit.  it appears that this was taken at the taj mahal (please correct me didier if i’m wrong).  i love the subtle, soft lighting and the obvious oblivion of the subject to the photographer.  you can almost feel the  coolness of the marble and imagine the sheer size of the taj mahal behind her.

portraiture – winner #3


i received this sweet photo from viktoria, also from montreal. photographing babies and small children is really challenging. one of the first things to learn is to shoot from their level. patience, patience and more patience!  children and babies move constantly so capturing that sweet smile is very rewarding.

awesome guys!

now for some other worthy contenders …


i love this shot, very tongue-in-cheek!  awesome composition.  a wonderful example of conceptual photography.  another image from nelly.

Elephant Eye

photographing animals takes a lot of practice and patience.   shooting from different angles can make your image more interesting.  this image intrigues me because it arouses my curiosity as to what has captured the elephant’s attention.  sent in by falon from montreal.


this picture is quite nice.  photographing people while they are doing something adds interest to your image.  i like the way the dark doorway frames the action in this shot.  the little girl is also oblivious to the fact that her picture is being taken.  very nice! sent in by falon.


this is an interesting idea for a portrait.  the subject is relaxed and pensive.  the tree root provides a small “frame” for the subject.   i am not normally a fan of subjects being placed smack dab in the middle of a shot but it works here.   the descending horizontal lines of the mountains lead the eye to the subject.  sent in by conny from british columbia.


another image sent in from didier.  a very sweet and endearing capture of a young girl.  i love her expression and the fluidity of the shot.  the colours are also another attractive element.


another example of street photography taken by nelly.  this shot was hard to get, i know i’ve tried!!  she captured the subject while the foreground appears to be in movement.  this rocks!  😀


this picture was taken by billy, also from montreal.  at the time this picture was taken, portraiture was somewhat stiff and posed. this image is nice in that the subject appears to be relaxed.  her smile is a bit enigmatic, she reminds me of the mona lisa!

Nov. 2012 073

fun.  photography doesn’t have to be all serious.  just have fun. be goofy.  a couple examples of fun shots. taken by ken from british columbia.


thanks everyone for your great shots!   it was a pleasure!