the lure of the tracks

i know it’s sorta weird, but i’m a girl that likes trains.  i guess it was always there.  as a little girl i used to admire the long trains that would pass through the canadian rockies, disappearing into tunnels and hugging the rocky cliffs of the fraser river canyon. sometimes we could count the cars, at times the train was just too long to count them all.  you could tell a train was long by the number of locomotives at the front.

when we moved to the prairies, you couldn’t always see the train pass by, but you could hear its warning horn blast every evening as it crossed the dirt road intersection not far from home.

i now live only a block from the train tracks.  now it serves mostly commuter trains but every now and then i hear the deafening blast from a heavy freight train and then feel its rumble as it passes by and lumbers into the tunnel and disappears.

the following images were all taken with my iphone one evening as i was crossing the bridge over the tracks.












2 thoughts on “the lure of the tracks

  1. Thank you for your pictures. I truly enjoy them all. You are exceptional with lighting; even at night, they are very clear.
    Thank you again.

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