montreal street photography

as a street photographer, i find so many wonderful and curious scenes in my home city of montreal.  travelling by public transportation is essential to truly capturing the essence of a city.  here are a few images i would like to share with you.  some were taken on the spot with my iphone, others with my dslr.

musician with instrument case


this young boy was watching the firetrucks pass by.  i couldn’t help but notice the colourful patterns contrasting between his coat and the bus seats.

Boy with green jacket-8

girl with the red tuque.

red hat in the metro-19

passenger on bus 165 one wintery evening

photo (1) copy

statue girl in the guy metrogirl in metro-4075

shy boy at barber, park extension


the converging lines draw your eye into the perspective of the image

Metro b&w-

park extension at night.  laundramat

tumblr_n20v46UT9y1swxpjpo1_1280mirror, mirror on the bus…

Mirror on bus-

girl with the turquoise umbrella1012243_688455117835616_1837705640_n


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