mongolian homestay week one

my travel itinerary stated that we would be staying with a local family with a view to experiencing the local lifestyle.  what i didn’t know was that there was no one in particular chosen for this public invasion of 15 people (including our guide and drivers).  the mongolian people are known for their hospitality and one evening around supper we pulled up to a gur and asked if we could have supper and stay the night with them.  after a couple of minutes our guide and driver came back with “both thumbs up” and we went to meet our hosts.  we brought along our own food and shared it with the family.  it was interesting to see how women are the same everywhere, i was the first to visit the gur itself and the mother was busy sweeping out the tent!

we arrived when the men were shearing sheep so our drivers prepared supper while the men continued working.  the shearers told me to go in the pen and help them out – ouch!  those old-fashioned clippers are hard to use, i was afraid of nipping one of the sheep.




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