mongolian homestay – week two

these images are from the second family we stayed with in mongolia.  they generously accepted to have us stay with them and with some close family members nearby.  our drivers explained that they had brought with them all the fixings for a traditional mongolian barbeque and everyone was in a party mood.  the mother put out a pink plastic bowl of hardened cheese curd as a treat (very salty and hard as rock) and prepared tea made with yak milk.  before everyone was up the next morning, she was outside milking the yaks.

for the mongolian barbeque, the meat, potatoes and carrots were poured into a milk can with water and hot coals.  after the meal, a bottle of Chinggis vodka was passed around to help with our digestion.

the family had a little girl who went to a kindergarden gur about half a kilometer away.  her older brother would pick up 3 little girls and drive them home on his motorbike.  there were about a half dozen family homesteads in the area.  the mother was quite proud of her sewing accomplishments.  see the sewing machine box in the back?  she had won several prizes at the local nadaam festival for her handiwork.





3 thoughts on “mongolian homestay – week two

  1. We enjoyed this post! Nice photography, too. We recently spent several days in the Gobi Desert staying with families in their gers… and experience we are looking forward to again in other parts of this incredible country.

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