about me…

debra schoenberger – documentary expression photographer 

514.816.3095  /  pix.me.photography@gmail.com

victoria, bc, canada


born in marville, france

my dad always carried a camera under the seat of his car and was constantly taking pictures. I think that his example, together with pouring over national geographic magazines as a child fueled my curiosity for the world around me

street photography is my true passion, having a slightly off-kilter sense of humour helps keep me looking for the unusual.


Montreal – published August 24, 2014

To Be a Child – published November 30, 2015

awards and recognition:

  1. banana split at dairy queen when I was 8
  2. intrepid travel photography award for 2010
  3. editor’s favourite (8 images) by national geographic 2014 and one image on exhibit in Washington at the National Geographic Museum

i would love to hear your story, please email me at the address above.


debra – #girlwithcamera